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In most cases, the cost of the HVAC system in your home is the most costly of all expenditures other than the house itself. To help protect your investment, you have to be making an effort to keep the heating and cooling system running efficiently. Air conditioning repair Summerville SC technitions tell us that you do not have to have a degree or be a certified technician to be able to perform a few simple maintenance tips that will have a long-lasting positive impact on your entire system.

AC Repair ComfortConsider the following HVAC maintenance tips for extending the life of your system from Barrus Heating and Air Conditioning in Summerville, SC:

On the outside of the main heating and cooling unit should be the condensate drain lines. In order to stop the buildup of mold, simply pour some bleach into the opening to keep it clear and clean.

At least once a month you must locate all the air filters and check them for dirt and debris. if they can be cleaned, then do so and replace. The filters should be inspected monthly and replaced quarterly, unless they are too dirty to clean. If you do not check the filters on a regular basis, trapped dirt makes it harder for treated air to pass through and works your heating and cooling system much harder.

Listen for any loud noises coming from the main HVAC system. If you notice the cover is loose, it could be the screws rattling around that makes the noise. Simply tighten all the screws to see if the noise goes away. This will also help to seal up the unit and keep the treated air inside the housing.

Walk outside and take a look at the exterior fan system. There needs to be at least a two foot clearance around the unit so air can get into the fans freely. Look into the housing to see if any dirt or debris may be trapped inside. If yes, power off the system and take off the top to access the dirt, leaves, and twigs that may be stopping the fan blades from spinning freely.

Inside the home, check all the vents for any blockages, and gently clean away any visible signs of dirt.

Grab a roll of duct tape and inspect all the duct work in the basement or attic for leaks. Patching up these leaks can keep treated air in the house, save you money, and allow the system to work less.

Make sure that you take the steps each month to stay ahead of small issues before they become huge emergencies.